Volume 23: Community Special Edition

Updated 28 March 2023

Editor’s note [to be updated]

Welcome to Volume 23 of New Histories, a special edition focussed on 'community'. We aim to use a diverse pool of contributions, from not only history students, but also other groups within and outside of the university, in order to draw up an intersectional picture of community in Sheffield - and beyond. 

In the 21st Century, community is more important than ever. Community-based action is needed to tackle polarisation, social injustice, climate degeneration and public health crises. By investing in our communities, we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

But what is actually meant by 'community'? As an idea, 'community' refers to an idealised social structure or system. It can also refer to groups of people who share a geographic location, cultural norms, profession, online interactions or common interests. A sense of community can be understood as the feeling of belonging, connectedness, and support that individuals may experience within a community. 

This volume seeks to understand how community - in all of its forms - has changed over time. It also seeks to understand the impact certain individuals made on certain communities

I hope you enjoy reading!

Evelyn Nichols, Editor-in-Chief