Volume 21:
LGBTQ+ History Month

Updated 12 March 2022

Editor’s note

Happy LGBTQ+ History Month!

Every February in the UK LGBTQ+ history takes centre stage and our writers have shone the spotlight on LGBTQ+ individuals from the past - from King Edward II, to Princess Seraphine, to Josephine Baker and Virginia Woolf.

Ben Danbury has written a beautiful poem called ‘Defiance’ which inspired me to write a short piece on Sappho, the ‘Poetess’. Sappho is an enigma but we do get the word Lesbian from her home on the island of Lesbos and the word Sapphic derives from her name. She has only left fragments of poetry but these are powerful reminders of ancient queer love.

This edition of New Histories can be summed up by Sappho’s 147th fragment:

“Someone, I tell you, in another time will remember us.”

This is another time, and we do remember you. All of you.

Hannah McCann