Volume 18:
Black History Month

Updated 23 February 2022

Editor’s note

Black History Month occurs every October in the UK and the theme of this year is ‘Proud to Be’. I’ve tried to curate a volume of New Histories that reflects this theme, whilst not overlooking institutional racism that needs to be highlighted.

In this volume our contributors have explored a variety of Black History, from ancient Romans, to WW2 firefighters, to Civil Rights and LGBTQ+ activists, to the origins of Notting Hill carnival. There is also a focus on black media - the Destination Freedom radio programme and Charlie Phillips’ photography. I have also chosen to include an article on racist stereotypes in modern media as an educational resource, so our readers can identify, question, and call out the stereotype when they see it.

Whilst this volume of New Histories is dedicated to black history, I will ensure that black history remains an important focus of the magazine.

I look forward to working on this magazine for this academic year and I hope you enjoy this volume.

Hannah McCann (Editor-in-Chief)

Read more about Black History Month (blackhistorymonth.org.uk)