Volume 20:

Updated 23 February 2022

Editor’s note

New Histories has reached its 20th volume! To celebrate this milestone, and the upcoming winter holidays, this volume is all about joy. Our writers this month have explored what brings them joy, and what it means to be happy in the first place.

Lauren Chaloner has written a piece about her love for researching her family tree which also acts as a helpful guide for anyone wanting to become an ‘armchair historian’ over the winter break. Oliver Bould has traced the concept of joy and happiness throughout history, while I have traced Christmas across the ages. Anya Goulthorpe has written about the Club Kids underground movement which brought joy and community to many throughout the 1990s.

This volume has allowed our writers to focus on joy in a time when the future again seems uncertain. I hope that this volume can be a pleasant escape for you over the winter holiday and allow you to travel from Ancient Rome, to Tudor England, to 1990s New York, and back again.

I wish you all a relaxing winter holiday and merry celebrations.

Thank you for reading and stay safe,

Hannah McCann