Where can I look for inspiration?

Resources for contributors

Updated 15 February 2022

New Histories is designed so you can write about anything. However, when faced with such a large remit, it can be hard to narrow down your ideas.

Always use the theme of the volume to help guide you. Past editions have been about pride, celebration, and mental wellbeing. Use these themes as a launchpad for your ideas.

Many people find it helpful to focus on either a certain place, person or object. This allows your work to have a strong focus and also prevents you from going off topic.

Have a look at previous volumes of New Histories - The free online History magazine - to get an idea of what people choose to write about. You can also look at the History Department’s own blog History Matters.

There are lots and lots of online history magazines that you can access for free. Here are three ideas to get you started:

BBC History Magazine, BBC History Revealed and BBC World Histories - HistoryExtra

History Today - The World’s Leading Serious History Magazine

Historic UK - The History Magazine and Heritage Accommodation Guide (historic-uk.com)

Podcasts are also really helpful.

Eight LGBTQ History Podcasts You’ll Learn A Lot From (bustle.com)

Podcasts About the Black British Experience and Race in the UK (bustle.com)

Disability: A New History